How to Contact 1000 Influencers in a Day


Scrappy Version: Manual Search on Instagram and TikTok

Find Instagram Profiles:

  • Utilize the "Suggested accounts" section and open relevant profiles in new tabs using Command + click, allowing you to stay within your window.
  • Copy and paste the profile URLs into a spreadsheet.
  • Extract email addresses from the BIO section. If there is no email provided, switch to the phone app.
  • Discover more creators through comments, photo tags, hashtags, and mentions.
  • Check the feed of influencer-heavy brands and select potential candidates.
  • Try to find the creator's first name and add it to the spreadsheet.
  • Aim to find 100 influencers per day per person. With a team of two, you can reach 1000 influencers in one week.
  • Categorize influencers in your spreadsheet based on the number of followers: nano (less than 10k), micro (10k-100k), and macro (100k+).

Quick Evaluation of Creators:

  • Calculate likes and comments divided by the number of followers. For feed posts, consider a minimum engagement rate of 1% for micro and macro influencers, and 5% for nano influencers.
  • For micro and macro influencers, review comments for authenticity.
  • The following count should not exceed 7-10k, as it indicates following many people, which is uncommon for regular creators.
  • If time permits, check their stories to assess their communication style.
  • Note that further evaluation steps will be taken when macro influencers respond.

Email Outreach:

  • Manual emailing is not feasible for 1000 people.
  • For macro profiles, send personalized emails manually.
  • Utilize Mixmax or Klaviyo to scale your outreach for the remaining profiles.
  • Access seven pre-written email templates to streamline your communication here
  • Consider how you want to track the results: discount codes, affiliate links, utm links, or engagement metrics.


  • Nano creators should receive products. Offer a 100% discount code for them to order on your site or collect their information through a Google Form for bulk orders.
  • Micro influencers may prefer payment or commission. Discuss commission rates and track them through discount codes. Alternatively, provide a fixed fee for a specific number of stories or feed posts. Negotiation is possible; here are some helpful tips.
  • Macro influencers require payment. Request their media kit and pricing. Here's a list of things to ask for in any paid collaboration.

Tracking Results:

  • Use personalized discount codes to track revenue in your e-commerce system.
  • Utilize utm links to monitor website traffic using Google Analytics or similar tools.
  • Check your Instagram app to identify creators who tag your brand and mark them as "Posted" in your spreadsheet.


  • Reactivate active creators who have previously posted about your brand.
  • Remove those who received the product but did not fulfill their commitments.
  • Establish new paid collaborations with top-performing creators who generated revenue.
  • Engage with creators who produce great content for additional high-quality materials.
  • If you desire user-generated content (UGC) for paid ads, select your favorites and request content usage rights.

Alternative Guide Using Scope:

  • Instead of a week, complete the same work before lunchtime.
  • Begin with your true ambassadors, around 15-30 creators you already work with or admire.
  • Add them to a tag in Scope, such as "mom profiles from Germany."
  • Initially focus on micro profiles, then follow the same steps for nano and macro influencers.
  • For nano influencers, evaluate their engagement rates quickly. For micro and macro influencers, examine audience demographics based on previous collaborations.
  • Use the "Lookalike" feature in Scope to find similar creators. This builds a social cluster of new creators based on your initial list, creating a closely connected network.
  • Obtain 200-1000 results, depending on your settings and initial list.
  • Connect Mixmax or Klaviyo to build your email sequence.
  • Send emails to creators directly from a tag in Scope, automating the process and receiving responses in your inbox.
  • Follow the same steps outlined in point 5 of the scrappy process above. If using Shopify, integrate with Scope to create a discount code for each creator.
  • Add all accepted profiles to the "Track and Content" tag in Scope. The platform will automatically check for posted stories, feed posts, or Reels, and store all content permanently within Scope.
  • Use Scope to easily find profiles that have not posted and send reminders via email.
  • Access all content and generate campaign reports through Scope's automation features.
  • Sales generated from discount codes will be recorded under each profile.
  • Create a "Reactive" tag in Scope and add creators you want to collaborate with again.
  • Send new campaign emails from the "Reactive" tag.


  • Scrappy version will take time but is a good way to understand the handcraft.
  • Brands at scale need a tool like Scope.
  • New to the channel? Get our Influencer Crash Course

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