Contact influencers at scale with Mixmax


In short

Send influencer data from Scope to Mixmax

Send data from one- or multiple profiles in one click

Data sent includes: Email, number of followers and username sent to Mixmax

Integration with Mixmax

Scope now works with Mixmax. With the integration activated you can create Mixmax Contacts in one click.

When you click "Add to Mixmax" data is sent to Mixmax.

Data sent from Scope to Mixmax:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Nr of followers

Get started

Activate Mixmax integration with an API-key

  1. Find API key in Mixmax
  2. Go to Integrations in Scope and paste in your API key
  3. Press Update

Under Integrations in Mixmax, press Create Mixmax API token. Copy the code.

Go to Integrations but now in Scope and paste in your code (the API key).

Add one profile to Mixmax

On the profile view, Add to button will appear.

Add tag to Mixmax

Review profiles

You can edit:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Create contact group

When you create a contact group from here, it will automatically be created in Mixmax. All your profiles will end up under Contacts.

Create email sequence in Mixmax

  1. Press New sequence
  2. Import profiles from your contact list
  3. Press Next: Edit stages

Create emails and follow ups

  1. Use insert variable to personalize your emails
  2. Create email follow ups that will be sent automatically if you get no reply after 3 days
  3. 3-4 emails is recommended

Activate recipients I'll leave to you ;)


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