7 Cold Email Templates You Should Steal for Influencer Outreach

Paiame Shalalvand

The most time consuming part of working in-house with influencers is outreach. It’s important to have an efficient outreach strategy to get as many influencer collaboration as possible. As we know the actual email is crucial to get a high response rate. I’m going to share 6 email templates to try out.

Two factors that get high response rate:

1. Be personal

Be personal in your outreach. Show that you actually care. Obviously writing their first name is a good start. Less chance that it feels like an automated email. In general long and selling emails don’t work. Keep it short (exception last template).

2. Do follow ups

Influencers get many emails and DMs everyday, both from brands and fans. There’s a chance that just your message got missed and will never be picked up. Unless you send a kindly follow up. This will increase your response rate.

Here are 7 email templates

1. Subject line: Hi!

Hi Lisa,

Found your profile. Amazing content We’re a Swedish shoe brand entering Germany.

Interested in collaborating?

Have a lovely day,


Instagram link

2. Subject line: Hey!

Hi Lisa,

Beautiful content! Hope you had a nice time in *Bahamas*

We’re launching *brand* in the US, and would LOVE to work with you as the foundation of our start :) Interesting? Check our IG @brand


3. Subject line: Hi!

Hi hi Lisa,

Looks like you’re ok under the circumstances (from your stories). I LOVE your content, it seems like you have an engaging audience.

We’re looking for people like you in our upcoming campaign. Check our IG @brand

Interested in collaborating?

Have a lovely day,


4. Subject line: Hi!


Got your profile sent my way — LOVE your content

We are a sustainable skin care brand from France. We’re very new to the German market, and are now looking for influencers. Would you be interested in collaborating?


Instagram link

5. Subject line: Hi!

Lovely IG feed you have :) It seems like your content matches our brand.

My name is Emma and I’m responsible for our ambassador program. We’d love to have you onboard.

Would you be interested?



This email is often used by brands that contact many profiles

The following email is different. Longer. It will probably give lower response rate (because it's longer and require more attention). Brands that go for these emails want to spend less time on emailing back and forth. Often when many profiles are contacetd for a specific campaign and deliverble.

Keep in mind though, we've heard many influencers say that these type of emails go straight to trash. Why? Cause it's less personal.

6. Subject line: Hello!

We really like your content! My name is Emma and I am responsible for Glossygirl’s marketing in France. We’re a french vegan skin care brand.

We want you in our campaign :)

About us:



We are always looking for long-term ambassadors who like what we do. A first collaboration we do product sponsorship, so we can both evaluate compatibility. We hope that this is the start of a long-term collaboration.


Choose any product and in return we see that you do one of the following:

Tell us in 2–3 stories, what you like about our product.

Unboxing video where you review our product

Suggestions, ideas for something more fun?


Post stories within four weeks of receiving the product. Let us know if anything gets in the way :)

Our link to website and hashtag should be mentioned

You will receive a personal discount code to be mentioned. It gives your followers 15% on the entire range.

Have a lovely day!


Hopefully these email templates will improve your outreach strategy.