Who are Buyers and Editors Following?

By Sebastian Lindén

What if you knew who buyers and editors mutually follow?

By working with the profiles buyers and editors follow you get assured exposure from buyers and editors.

Let me show you. Lookalike helps you find who a list of people mutually follow.


Let’s begin with editors in the UK.

1. First find UK editors

I’ll look for editors that are aligned with a few brands I’m working with. By writing a word in the search, editor, Scope will look through all IG bios that contain this word.

You can then combine other parameters through the filter navigation, to make sure that you stick to one location and follower range.

2. Create tag. I named mine Editor.

3. Once you have at least 15 profiles in a tag click Find similar influencers.

Here are the searches I made to find editors for my tag.

editor followers:1000-60000 nationality:"United Kingdom" @ganni

editor followers:1000-60000 nationality:"United Kingdom" @netaporter

Click the links above (if you’re logged in on Scope).

4. Voila! Sit back, relax and click into the results.

I got 200 results. These are mutually followed by editors in my Editor list. Pretty cool, right?


The same principle applies when finding buyers. Choose a specific country or city, find at least 15 buyers (Lookalike requires a minimum of 15 to have enough data).

I’ll focus on the US. I start with a somewhat general search to make sure that I get enough results. Also to be able to browse through and only pick the ones I want to evaluate the social clique on.

buyer nationality:"United States"

I look for mentions like Shopbob, Mytheresa and Netaporter, and look through the IG feed to make sure that they resonate with what I’m looking for.


Find similar influencers

to start the Lookalike job.

Note: If you want buyers from specific small cities and you struggle to find 15 for the lookalike - you can manually insert usernames in Scope search to find them. If Scope doesn’t find, you’ll get an option to import the user.

That’s it! I hope this was useful.

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