How to Find Instagram Influencers

Paiame Shalalvand

In this article I will go through various ways to manually find influencers.

We'll talk about

  • Search for hashtags
  • Search for tags
  • Use suggested accounts
  • Check followers and following
  • Go through comments

Search for hashtags

You can use Instagram’s search to find profiles that mention specific hashtags.

Search for hashtags used by influencers.

Good example
#nakdfashion, used by many small and big Instagram profiles.

Bad example
#fashion, used by any random profile. Too broad.

Search for tags

Profiles that tag @nakdfashion are shown here. An advice is to use number of likes and comments to know size of the influencer.

Suggested accounts

Start by searching for an influencer you’ve worked with or is aligned with your brand. Then go to suggested accounts to find related profiles.

How to find similar influencers based on profiles you have worked with

Check followers and following

Profiles follows other similar profiles. I suggest to pick profiles with the "story-circle" because usually they are public accounts.

How to find influencers automatically from following lists


Find new influencers from comments.

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