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In this article I will go through various ways to find more influencers in Scope.

1. Lookalike

If you haven't tried Lookalike yet, this is your first stop. Lookalike finds similar influencers based on your list of profiles.

Add minimum 15 profiles to a tag. It's important that the profiles are not random. The more they have in commont the better results. For example, from the same city, all moms, all from the same country + your audience.

If you add profiles with 5-10k followers the lookalike result will only show profiles with ... 5-10k followers :)

So be sure to not add random profiles in with wide follower range if you want specific results. For example,

Good example
I'm adding 40 profiles from Oslo, Norway, with 10-50k followers.

Bad example
I'm adding 40 profiles from all over the world, with 10-500k followers.

Lookalike - Change Settings For More Results

The Lookalike settings is default to be precise, and optimize for accuracy. However, as there are a limited number of people in this world- you might have to increase the range for broader and less precise results. I suggest you to try different settings to see where your sweetspot is.

To optimize for new profiles, make sure you have the boxes above checked. This will help you optimize for new profiles.

  • Exclude Contacted profiles from Lookalike result
  • Exclude Seen profiles from Lookalike result

Lookalike - Try this!

  1. Find 30 profiles within same audience (this could be profiles you've worked with, students in a class, your friends, moms in Norway)
  2. Add profiles to tag (only one audience)
  3. Make sure you only have profiles in the tag with follower range similar to the results you're looking for
  4. Run Lookalike

OR these 3 steps

Step 1

  1. Add profiles you found outside of Scope, you might have to import them
  2. Collect all imported profiles into one tag (added one by one)
  3. Make sure all profiles are from a similar social clique (which means that will be likely to follow other people you're interested in finding)

Step 2

Increase this a little (from Settings)

Step 3

Run Lookalike

2. Most Followed By

Most Followed by will find which profiles that are most followed (mutually) by your input list.

The difference between Lookalike and Followed by is that Followed by will give you the raw result, and not exclude or filter out stuff. Lookalike on the other hand considers nationality, follower range, social clique and more, to show you a tailored result that follows the parameters of your initial list.

3. Following list

Another way to find more profiles that are aligned with the audience you want to focus on is to check the following list of a profile you have worked with in Scope.

This makes the profiles "validated" from the aspect of the profile you're looking up following list on. If you find certain profiles that love your brand, and start to work with, this is a great way to find more profiles based on individual profiles you love.

4. Followers list

Or look at the followers list of someone:

5. Overview page (powerful when profiles added to tags)

When you add more profiles to tags (lists), Scope will automatically make lists for you. New profiles (based on tags), and more!

Once you have some activity and added your profiles to Scope you should go to the Overview page - you might find loads of candy there.

"I found profiles outside of Scope in a new market we will focus on."

If this is the case, and you struggle to find profiles in a new market. Then you should read the following paragraph Import + Lookalike.

6. Import + Lookalike

If you find profiles outside of Scope in a market you just started focusing on it means that Scope will very likely find tons of new profiles there for you. To leverage the power of Scope here, start by importing the profiles you found outside of Scope in a new market. Important the profiles is from the same market. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to import

  2. Copy and past igusernames of new profiles that you found from a specific market (outside of Scope)

  3. Run Lookalike on that tag (profiles that didn't exist in Scope beforehand)

Extra: You might want to consider to also increase your range of results - less precise (but more results). Or start without changing it (keep it on the further left for specific results).


  • Lookalike
  • Most followed by
  • Following list
  • Followers list
  • Overview page
  • Import + Lookalike

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