How to scale influencer marketing with Klaviyo

Paiame Shalalvand

Luckily there are great email marketing tools like Klaviyo. In this article I will show you how you can scale your influencer marketing with Klaviyo.

  • How to write campaign emails
  • How to set up Klaviyo
  • How to connect Klaviyo with Scope

How to write campaign emails

It’s important to have an efficient outreach strategy to get as many influencer collaboration as possible. As we know the actual email is crucial to get a high response rate. Note that this email flow is mainly suited for nano/micro influencer campaigns. If you plan to work with bigger mid/macro profiles I don't recommend this strategy.

I wish I had the perfect email template to share but in the end you have to tweak it and make it work for your audience. You know your audience best! But I will share the ones I wrote.

Here are some things to think about

  • Keep it short and sweet, people don't like to read essays..
  • Don't talk about yourself instead connect why you want them in your campaign
  • Be personal by saying Hi "First name" and not a general Hi
  • Always have follow ups because some people just forget to reply and you need to remind them
  • End with a clear call to action

3-4 lines and an image is easy to read. Note that this email is sent to a nano profile with maybe 5k followers. They don't get that many emails so hopefully this will excite them.

The call to action link could be redirected to a landing page saying "great to have you onboard, we will send more info soon". I will explain later how this link triggers the next steps in Klaviyo.

Follow ups

You simply need to set up follow ups. In my email flow I have decided to have 1 follow up but feel free to add one more. Here is mine.

What happens when they click on the link? Then it will trigger this email.

Subject line: Glossygirl + 'First Name'

Yay!! So happy you want to join 'First Name'!

To get your first body lotion kit, share your information here so we can send the products.

Here is some information about the collaboration.

Choose any of our body lotions and in return we would like to see that you do one of the following:

  • Tell us in 2–3 stories, what you like about our product.
  • Unboxing video where you review our product.
  • Suggestions, ideas for something more fun?


1. Post stories within four weeks of receiving the product. Let us know if anything gets in the way :)

2. Our link to website and hashtag should be mentioned ( and #glossygirl)

You will receive a personal discount code to be mentioned. It gives your followers 15% on the body lotion.

Accept and get your free products here.

Have a lovely day!



You are probably thinking why didn't I put the first and second email as 1 email. Well it would be overloaded with information. Much easier to get a Yes from the first email that is shorter. Also it will create some curiosity.

From the second email presented above you want them to accept and get information you need so you can ship them the products.

Feel free to use this google form here.

Last email is to give confirmation that they are onboard. Also share their discount code that they should share to their followers.

Subject line: Glossygirl + 'First Name'

We are so excited 'First Name'!

Happy to have you onboard :) Your order is handled by our team and you will get a separate email when it's on its way.

Your personal discount to your followers is 'ig_username'15

Feel free to check our skin care collection here. Some examples of previous campaigns and collaborations.

Have a lovely day!



There are follow ups on Email 2 and 3 so I have collected all emails here so I wont make this article longer.

How to set up Klaviyo

How to create lists & segments

1. Start by creating a list under "Lists & Segments". Here will all your influencers be listed. If you have a list already, great! Just import them. If you have your profiles in Scope and want to connect just scroll down to read how to connect.

2. Go to Flows to create a flow (create from scratch).

3. In trigger setup you press List and pick your list you created earlier.

4. Now you can start creating my flow.

How to create the flow

1. Add email (here is where you put in your email templates)

2. Put Time delay on 1 day

3. Add Conditional Split (do according the image below)

This one will trigger the second email when the person clicks on your first link which is the landing page. You will use the same Conditional split but with different links.

Also good to know that we have put Time delay on 1 day so that they have time to click on the link before a follow up or second email will be sent.

4. Simply create added flows on after the follow up emails. I create an image of the whole flow so you can copy it.

How to connect Klaviyo with Scope

Scope is a tool to find influencers that are aligned with your brand. With features like Similar audience and Lookalike you can find the profiles you actually should work with. If you have a list of profiles in a tag in Scope you can easily send them directly to your list in Klaviyo.

1. Find your API key in Klaviyo

2. In Scope, go to Settings then Integrations

3. Put in the API key and connect

4. Go to your tag/list in Scope and press Add to Klaviyo (see image below)

Now you have an automated workflow for your influencer campaigns. Hope this is useful and feel free to share your insights and tricks to I'd love to hear from other brands that have done this.