Find Out Which Influencers Your Customers Follow


This is a step-by-step guide on how to find influencers most followed by your customers.

Where your customers are, there’s a high probability new customers are too.

This is what we will do

  • Map out customers, start with one market (USA)
  • Find out which influencers that are most followed by your customers
  • Find sales converters that your customers follow

Here are ways to segment your customers:

  • High LTV (lifetime value) customers
  • Per country or market
  • Older or younger customer base

How do I find customers?

Let's use Princess Polly as an example in this guide and only map out the US. (@princesspollyboutique)

The manual way - look through your followers

Take out accounts that are public (this is required to make it work) and low follower range for example (those that you haven’t worked with on a seeding basis/influencer collab).

Remember, we’re picking out regular customers.

If you add profiles manually, you might have to import them to Scope. You do this by entering a list of instagram links or a csv file including your customers.

The Scope way

Start by looking in Scope and look for mostly small profiles that have mentioned @princesspollyboutique - likely to be customers.

You simply add @princesspollyboutique in the search and filter by follower range and country.

Another even better option is to find small influencers that follow them.

In all steps above, drag profiles to your Customer tag. Let's call it Customer USA.

From here you have to options:

  1. Press the Most followed by button
  2. Create a lookalike to enrich data and after press the Most followed by button

Option 1

Option 2

Results, Sorted by Highest Density of Customers

The result is still sorted by highest density of customers. Below I also filtered high engagement in combination with country.


Start from your customers. Map them out, either by market, life time value or type of segment. As you've mapped out your customers, we can analyze where they hang out (even find sales converters).

In summary, the audiences we get contain high density of your customers. This is where you have built trust, and will likely be the place where you find new customers. To work with these profiles will help you grow, and stay true to yourself as a brand.

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