Audience Overlap: Overlap of Followers

By Sebastian Lindén

Here's a new concept that came from a couple of hours of play: Overlap of followers shows you the overlap of followers, looking at two influencers.

In the overlap above, between @biancaingrosso and @therese, there is an overlap of 344,653 followers.

When I first shared this on Linkedin, it got quite some interest. So I decided to write this post to explain a little bit more in depth why and how overlap is used.

Why Audience Overlap?

In most cases little overlap is preferred. Below I will explain why, and what to do when overlap is hard to prevent.

1. Unique reach

For unique reach you want as little overlap as possible.

2. Avoid influencers competing for the same conversion

Another reason you want little overlap is to avoid influencers from competing for the same conversion.


Assume you have a collaboration coming up with two paid macro influencers, let's say @biancaingrosso and @therese. Bianca post the first day, Therese post the second day. With overlap of followers, you're reaching the same audience. It's then a higher probability that;

1. Followers of Bianca convert and no one is interested when Therese post the next day, they already bought the product and don't need a second one.

2. Enough trust has been built when Therese post due to awareness from Bianca.

Easiest way to prevent this is to work with influencers where there is little overlap. What's little overlap? It varies depending on whether the influencer is in the same market and audience. But a good indicator is to aim for below 30%

Schedule influencers with overlap on different dates

Are you a brand with specific audience where much overlap is hard to prevent? Then make sure to schedule influencers with overlap on different weeks, or at least some days away from each other.

To summarize, little overlap is most often preffered due to unique reach and avoiding influencers to compete for the same conversion. This makes it hard to understand the effect of conversion. If too much overlap is hard to prevent, make sure to schedule influencers with overlap on different days.

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