Product Update


This is what we have been working on the past past month.

TikTok integrated into Scope (add either IG or TikTok-profiles to tags)

Big change that allows you to add TikTok profiles to Scope tags. This is a bigger update that we are very excited about, would love to get your input!

For TikTok profiles views are shown default, while followers are shown default for IG profiles.

Send profiles from TikTok Lookalike to Scope tags

We made an integration to TikTok Lookalike bynerds. This will allow you to find with TikTok Lookalike, then send profiles in one click to Scope tags. Using Scope, looking for TikTok creators? Then this is a must-have!

Connect TikTok Lookalike and Scope

Go to Settings in Scope via the icon in the top right. Click on Integrations.

Copy the API key from Scope. Paste it in the slide navigation that you get to through the Settings icon in TikTok Lookalike.

That's it! You can now send TikTok creators to Scope tags.

Integration fixes (updates to Monday, Hubspot, Wobaka)

We did some fixes to Monday, Hubspot and Wobaka. It particularly involved some high scale use cases. Fixes required as Monday gave throttling (speed limit) which we solved with adding some delays. Some parameter changes required for Hubspot and Wobaka.

To avoid rate limitations, throttling (aka speed limits) when sending profiles at scale, we recommend Wobaka followed by Monday. Hubspot is good, but is not as fast and responsive as the other APIs.

Speed up, we did some changes that made Scope faster

We did some changes that speeded up Scope. Specifically how fast data shows up, both in tags and searches. We constantly focus on making Scope faster and easy to use, as it makes everyone more productive.

Product fulfillment

We're ready to bring on more brands to try product fulfillment.

As long as you have Scope and Shopify, you're eligible to try at no cost.

More info here.

Request an invite here.

Help us help you

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Some things we could work on

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  1. Make data for nr of followers more up to date
  2. AWIN integration to see affiliate data directly in Scope
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