Product Update


These are the fixes and changes we have worked on past month.

Integration: Monday updates

Monday made some changes to their API so we had to fix a few things. With our fixes you can now send profiles to Monday again.

How it works: Scope creates a board named Scope, then fills in following columns with values first_name, last_name, email, ig_username and ig_num_followers.

Integration: Mixmax updates

Mixmax also had some changes. They removed contact groups which we relied on to send to sequences.

We fixed so Scope will now send directly to the sequence. You will have to create the sequence via Mixmax, then Scope can send to any of those.

Select multiple profiles into tag

Even though this was mentioned in last product update, here comes a reminder. It's now possible to select multiple profiles via the checkbox, to then add them to a tag.

email:no syntax to see profiles without email

You probably think, why would anyone want that? That's what I thought.

Well, a few customers said that they find influencers with no email = gold mine. These are not contacted as often and thus post less with brands. Which makes them and their audience more engaged when they decide to take on collaborations. List these seperately and reach out via DM.

Hubspot import issue resolved

There was an issue where import jobs via Hubspot failed. This resulted certain failed imports. This is now fixed and Hubspot import should succeed.

Google Sheets and Scope

We added support to work with more data in Google sheets:

A12 shows from date: 2/25/2021

B12 shows to date: 3/25/2024

G12 shows username

=fetchScopePosted(A12, B12, G12) yes/no if profile posted within date range.

=fetchScopeEmail(G12) gets email of profile.

=fetchScopeNationality(G12) nationality for referenced username.

=fetchScopeFollowers(G12) number of followers for referenced username.

=fetchShopifySales(A12, B12, C12) total discount code revenue for date range.

=fetchShopifyOrders(A12, B12, C12) number of orders from discount code.

Campaign management/product fulfilment tool

We're building a product fulfilment tool. Some also call it logistic or seeding tool.

Create Campaign flow use Next and Prev to navigate stages.


1. Brand creates campaign

2. Creator gets invited receives their LiveURL to 1. select products and 2. agree to content rights

First email sent can look something like this:

This email is sent out when the campaign is 1. started or 2. profiles are added to an ongoing campaign.

Your email will be connected so all emails can be sent from your email address.

When emails are sent:

Email 1 - Sent when creator is added to campaign

Email 2 - Sent when creator completes liveURL link (order created in background)

Email 3 - Reminder 1 sent 3 days prior to campaign start

Email 4 - Reminder 2 sent day before campaign start

Email 5 - Sent on contentStartDate - When creator can start posting content

Will add more info soon. For now, email me ( if you want to be one of the first to try this :))


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