New vs. Old Influencer Marketing

By Paiame Shalalvand

New vs. Old Influencer Marketing

Type of Influencer

Old New
  • Pick any influencer
  • Small and big influencer works
  • Active on Instagram
  • Pick niche influencers
  • Any follower size
  • Better if they are personal and genuine

Analyze Metrics

Old New
  • Likes and Comments = Engagement rate
  • Nice content feed
  • Audience demographic screenshot
  • Avoid influencers with comments from weird accounts
  • Stories per day
  • Story views and engagement rate
  • Genuine comments
  • Audience demographics


Old New
  • Instagram DM
  • DM from other IG accounts
  • Via comment section
  • Email sequence with follow ups
  • DM if no email
  • Super personalized emails

Type of Collaboration

Old New
  • Majority barter deals
  • PR seeding
  • Low paid
  • Combination of barter deals and paid collabs
  • Nano - barter deals
  • Micro - paid/commission
  • Macro - paid/commission
  • Support other paid channels
  • Paid UGC

Expected Results

Old New
  • Multiple x sales
  • Follower growth
  • High engagement
  • The performance of other paid channels improves
  • Great content to reuse in paid ads
  • Community building
  • Brand building
  • Sales from discount codes

Content Formats

Old New
  • Instagram feed post
  • Youtube long format
  • Blog post
  • Instagram stories and reels
  • TikTok
  • Youtube long and shorts
  • Twitch

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