Influencer Strategy to Sell Through Macro Influencers

Paiame Shalalvand

In this article I will go through how to sell more through macro influencers.

The strategy

  • Build brand awareness fast with nano influencers
  • Get a list of macro influencers most followed by your nano influencers
  • Find macro influencers that are sales converters
  • Why this strategy?

    In the end it is all about building trust. People don't trust ads, they trust people.

    Find thousands of nano influencers in a day

    Scroll Instagram won't work. Search in a database won't work. You need to find thousands of people within the same social cluster to get powerful brand awareness. That's why Lookalike is the only way to do it in a day.

    Lookalike will find similar profiles based on your list of influencers.

    Get started with Lookalike here. Below you can see how simple it is to use. Read how to find more influencers with Scope.

    Email outreach at scale

    You won't have time to contact manually thousands of people. Send personal emails with Scope and Mixmax. Start a free 14 days trial to try Mixmax. Check here

    Find macro influencers most followed by nano influencers

    You want to find the macro influencers most admired by the people you have activated. Why? Because those influencers have already built trust for years.

    To find them you can use Scope's feature called Most followed by. Click on your tag and follow the steps below.

    Detect sales converters

    Now you have a list of profiles most followed by your nano influencers you just activated. So which one should you pick? There are some important KPIs to analyze before choosing.

  • Engaging stories, vlogging
  • Talks in the camera (not boring pictures)
  • Talks German (local language)
  • High engagement rate and many stories per day (not too many..)
  • Not a "perfect" content feed...more authentic
  • Have a YouTube (skilled content creator)
  • Engaging comments from followers
  • Majority German women follow her (high concentration of local country)
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