How to Find a Lookalike of Your Top Performer in a New Market


Let's consider an example using Bianca Ingrosso, a Swedish influencer known for generating sales for various brands. In this scenario, the goal is to find a Bianca Lookalike in Norway. The brand is planning to expand to the Norwegian market but lacks a clear starting point.

What we do know is that Bianca's audience aligns with our brand and loves our products!

To begin, we should start with Bianca Ingrosso's audience/followers to determine the next steps. It's well-established that her audience purchases our products.

In Scope, we have access to comprehensive data on how all influencers are interconnected, making it a unique resource.

  1. Search for Bianca Ingrosso.
  2. Click on "Show" under followers.
  3. Apply a filter for followers with less than 25k followers.
  4. Create a tag, for example, "Bianca NO followers."
  5. Collect as many followers as possible into this tag; having 500+ followers is a good benchmark.
  6. A helpful tip is to use the "Enter" key and the arrow down for faster data collection.

The idea is to identify genuine customers/followers of Bianca and place them in a tag. Profiles with 1k-5k followers are even better as they are more likely to be customers of our brand.

Now, you have over 500 customers/followers of Bianca in a tag.

Next, go into the tag and click on the button labeled "Most followed by."

The results will reveal who all these Norwegian 500+ customers mutually follow, which might include influencers such as:

  • Isabelsraad
  • Sophieelise
  • Annijor
  • Emmaellingsenn
  • Ericakvam
  • leneorvik
  • Eirinkristiansen
  • Evelinekarlsen

Suppose you're aiming to find mini versions of Bianca lookalikes in Norway with profiles having less than 50k followers. In that case, you can apply the same filtering approach to narrow down your search, which may lead you to influencers like:

  • Snillegucci
  • Misspaulsen
  • Angelaceline
  • Sophiess

This approach can help you identify potential lookalike influencers in a new market, facilitating your brand's expansion strategy.

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