How To Find Mom Influencers via Scope

Paiame Shalalvand

In this article I will go through various ways to find mom influencers in Scope.

We'll talk about

  • Hashtag and mention searches
  • BIO search
  • Following list
  • Followers list
  • Lookalike

1. Hashtag and mention searches

You can find influencers by searching for hashtags and mentions they use in posts and stories. Simply add the hashtag or mention in the search. Or use the filters.

A trick is to find local hashtags and mentions. For example, search for @vertbaudetfr

A even better trick is to add OR between # / @. Like this @twistshakebaby OR @jollyroom OR @babyshop


#mommy #baby #mom #momlife #love #mama #family #motherhood #babygirl #mother #kids #babyboy #daddy #happy #mommylife #newborn #instagood #pregnant #cute #mothersday #momsofinstagram #mommyandme #parenting #mommyblogger #pregnancy #babies #momblogger #maman #mum


@twistshakebaby @petitbateau @vertbaudetfr @babybjorn @lillydoo_babycare @elodiedetails @nobodinoz @thebirthposter @emoi_emoi @lalalab @jollyroom @newbielovers @babymarktde

2. BIO search

Similar to hashtags you can search on influencers' BIO. Often they write related words.

And emojis are commmon

3. Following list

Another way to find more profiles that are aligned with the audience you want to focus on is to check the following list of a profile you have worked with in Scope.

4. Followers list

Or look at the followers list of someone:

5. Mom Lookalike

Lookalike finds similar influencers based on your list of profiles.

Add minimum 15 profiles to a tag. It's important that the profiles are not random. The more they have in common the better results. For example, from the same country, all moms, similar follower size.

  1. Added 25 mom profiles from Czechia
  2. Pressed Lookalike
  3. Got 347 mom profiles

So be sure to not add random profiles with wide follower range if you want specific results.

Good example
I'm adding 25 mom profiles from Czechia, with 5-20k followers.

Bad example
I'm adding 25 random profiles from all over the world, with 10-500k followers.

Lookalike - Change Settings For More Results

The Lookalike settings is default to be precise, and optimize for accuracy. However, as there are a limited number of people in this world- you might have to increase the range for broader and less precise results. I suggest you to try different settings to see where your sweetspot is.

To optimize for new profiles, make sure you have the boxes above checked. This will help you optimize for new profiles.

  • Exclude Contacted profiles from Lookalike result
  • Exclude Seen profiles from Lookalike result

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