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Scope Find

  • Tool built for brands to stay true to their audience
  • Scope Content

  • Automatic Content Collection
  • Scope Holy Grail

  • AI that finds sales converters based on your customer email lists
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    Scope Find

    Scope Find

    Tool built for brands to be one with their audience

    Scope is a CRM for brands to stay structured. With analytics and tracking of profiles, it's easy to keep track of influencers, editors and stylists.

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    Answers Luxury Brands Find With Scope

    Who is most followed by editors you care about?

    Who is most followed by relevant buyers?

    Which media outlets does your audience consume?


    Scope Content

    Scope Content

    Automatic Content Collection

    Scope will collect content automatically from profiles you actively work with.

    Content will be saved forever, either accessed via the platform, or emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.

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    How Does It Work?

    Scope crawls the social web (just like Google) and provide you with content from profiles you're tracking.

    So no "opt-in"?

    Exactly. There is no "opt-in" to track or access content from profiles. Anyone who has a public Instagram account can be tracked.

    Stories too?

    Yes, both stories and posts.


    Scope Holy Grail

    AI that finds sales converters based on your customer email lists.

    On Inquiry

    Faster Insights, Faster Action with Scope

    Why Leading Luxury Brands Use Scope

    More With Less

    Stay True To Their Audience

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    Some see Sweden’s persistent, dark and cold winters as depressing. We get inspired. Cold seasons let us nerds to stay indoors, hone skills to develop ideas for the future. Some say depressing, we say force of nature. At kindergarden we play with companies like Spotify, Skype, Klarna and IKEA.

    Our mission is to help brands thrive. That does not happen from the beach. It requires revolutionary products that we develop by working with the world's best brands, engineers and "crazy people".

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    Let's make everything clear.

    Who is eligible to try Scope?

    Scope is open for brands. We do not work with PR agencies, advertising networks or similar. Remember, we build for brands.

    Who is Scope for?

    Built for brands to thrive in-house, common roles that engage with Scope are Founders, Marketing, PR/Showroom Managers, Social Commerce Managers

    What will be shown in the demo?

    You will get an understanding how the structure of Scope works.

    Can I try Scope?

    After the demo, you can try Scope free for one week.