Mytheresa Analysis

Audience Analysis

Chart shows overlap of Instagram followers.

Luxury Distributors Audience Overlap

Highest Density of Luxury Audience

The Average Overlap Of Luxury Audience

If we break down the average overlap of followers for each platform, we get an understanding which distributor that has highest density of luxury audience (among all Instagram followers of companies compared in chart).

Highest density means bigger % of Instagram followers that are connected to the luxury audience. This means that platforms with less followers of better quality are weighted more - in other words, followers that are intruiged in luxury fashion.

If you see all luxury retail distributors as one merged luxury audience - when can then conclude that Luisaviaroma, Farfetch, Shopbop are least connected the luxury audience as a whole.

In contrast, Matchesfashion, Mytheresa and Moda Operandi are most connected the the global luxury audience.

Loyalty Mytheresa vs Matchesfashion

37% of Mytheresa followers do not follow any of other 6 luxury distributor. This means that Mytheresa has more % of followers that don't follow other luxury distributors compared to Matchesfashion.

Audience Overlaps

* Calculation of Audience Overlap Followers that follow both IG accounts (overlap) divided by sum of total amount of followers for both accounts subtracted by overlap (as it would be counted twice otherwise).

The Loyal Mytheresa Audience

Brands They Love

Brands They Love

With less than 500k followers

Mytheresa's high net revenue retention is a result of good relationship and curation of their top luxury brands.

Going forward, it will be important to nurture relationships early with upcoming luxury brands to become the one destination for global luxury enthusiasts.

Engagement Compared

Distributor Followers (weekly %) Engagement

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Unique Followers That Do Not Follow Other Luxury Distributors

This graph shows how many percent of the follower base that only follow one retail distributor. 66% of Farfetch followers (2,443,708 accounts) do not follower Netaporter, Luisaviaroma, Moda Operandi, Shopbop, Mytheresa or Matchesfashion.

Unique Followers % That Follow Up To 4 Luxury Distributors

Unique Followers % That Follow Up To 5 Luxury Distributors

Please note: Distributors with more Instagram followers get an increased "mainstream" follower base (less luxury and more commercial). Thus, distributors should be compared within the same range of follower range.


Mytheresa, Matchesfashion and Moda Operandi global potential.

Shopbop local to US and UK, less apparent in rest of world. Luisaviaroma local to Italy. Both less overlap with other retail distributors.

Mytheresa disconnected from Farfetch audience. Farfetch built on multiple independent stores + Farfetch more Russian audience.

Farfetch and NET-A-PORTER gone grown into commercial crowd with a high density of unique followers that do not followers other luxury distributors.

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