Case Study: The High Growth of RS Sports' Micro Influencer Program with Just One In-house Team Member

Case Study

What is your goal with influencer marketing?

When I started a year ago, influencer marketing was completely new to us. We didn't have much experience in that area, including using a platform like Scope. Our main focus initially, and still now, is brand awareness. We wanted to expand our reach beyond just paddle or tennis enthusiasts and be associated with fitness in general, including gym wear.

To achieve this, we worked with smaller influencers in larger quantities. The idea was to spread the word and create a ripple effect. If someone heard about us through one influencer, their friend would likely hear about us too. We would find people on Scope who followed those influencers and shared similar profiles. This way, when we contacted them, they were already familiar with our brand or had seen it somewhere, creating a sense of recognition and familiarity.

This approach has been highly successful. In the beginning, people would often respond with "I don't play paddle," indicating they thought we had the wrong target audience. But now, when we reach out to them, they are more likely to be aware of our brand. They may have heard of us or even already follow us. It's gratifying to see how much more aware people have become, especially compared to the first few months of our influencer marketing journey.

RS Sports initially had limited experience in influencer marketing, including using platforms like Scope, but focused on brand awareness.

They collaborated with smaller influencers in larger quantities to create a ripple effect, spreading the word about their brand beyond their target audience.

This approach proved highly successful, as people became more aware of RS Sports over time, with increased recognition and familiarity leading to improved response rates and a broader reach.

Why did you choose Scope?

Scope has been a great choice for me because it's incredibly easy to use. Being a solo operator, I don't have a large team supporting me, so efficiency is key. With Scope, I find it super efficient to discover profiles and apply filters. I can easily include or exclude specific criteria, and it quickly presents me with a list of relevant matches.

Instead of spending hours manually searching on Instagram, Scope saves me time by delivering results promptly. I can swiftly review and select influencers to keep the process moving. Since I have various tasks to handle throughout the day, dedicating only a couple of hours to influencer marketing requires speed and effectiveness. That's why I appreciate how Scope simplifies the process for me. It doesn't require many brain cells to get through.

Scope's ease of use has made it an excellent choice for efficient solo operators like me, allowing me to save time and streamline the influencer discovery process.

The user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow of Scope simplify the influencer marketing process, allowing me to focus on other responsibilities without the stress of complex filtering or overthinking.

It doesn't require many brain cells to get through.

What would your life be like without Scope?

If the Scope tool were suddenly removed and I couldn't use it anymore, I would be quite frustrated. Firstly, I might send you an angry email, but joking aside, the reality is that it would be highly inefficient to manually search for profiles on my own. The process would become time-consuming and less effective. It would be a significant setback for me and my influencer marketing efforts.

The sudden removal of the Scope tool would cause frustration and significantly impact efficiency, as manual searching for profiles would be time-consuming and less effective.

Losing access to Scope would be a substantial setback for influencer marketing efforts, highlighting the tool's importance in streamlining the process and maximizing effectiveness.


Built a robust influencer ambassador program.

Saving 10+ hours per week thanks to Scope.

RS Sports has transitioned from being solely associated with padel and tennis to becoming a well-known sportswear brand.

About RS Sports

RS Sports is a premium sports brand, founded by tennis star Robin Söderling. Our main areas are Tennis, Padel and Sportswear. Our ambition is to develop and produce astonishing products with no compromises when it comes to quality, material, design and durability.