Photowall's Journey: Achieving +76% ROAS through an Influencer-Powered Content Engine

Case Study


Founded in 2006, Photowall emerged from the realization of limited options for personalized wall art. Venturing into digital wallpaper printing without prior experience, Photowall quickly established itself as a reputable company focused on quality, creative design, and customized products. Today, Photowall continues to thrive in Stockholm, driven by a passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries of wall art. Global sales in 2022 hit a turnover of USD 31 million and a 26% net profit margin.

The Influencer Marketing Program's primary objective isn't solely generating revenue through discount codes; instead, it focuses on leveraging User Generated Content for Paid Ads and as a source of inspiration for our website visitors. The team started with 1 person and now 10+ team member working with influencers on 10+ markets.

We had the chance to interview Josefin Gejervall, Head of Influencer Marketing at Photowall, to learn how they increased their ROAS by +76% and created a content machine with the help of influencers.

Can you give some background on how you got started with Scope?

When I started at Photowall, one of the things I had to figure out was what tools we needed to work with. We didn't have a specific structure in place, so it was a lot of manual searching and figuring things out as we went along. But one of the first things I did was reach out to Scope again for a collaboration.

I had worked with you before and had a great experience. Your tool was awesome, and I thought it would be a perfect fit for what we needed. So that's why I decided to contact you again. We started by testing it out with a few team members at first, just to see if it would work for our brand. And it worked great so we decided to bring the whole team on board.

We have a pretty big team, over 10 people working on influencer marketing. We're constantly reaching out to influencers and doing a ton of sourcing every single day. We're working in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and other markets in Europe. We've even started making moves in the US.

Drive sales and traffic to our shop.

Collect UGC for Paid Ads and as a source of inspiration for our website visitors


The primary challenges faced include the difficulty of creating User Generated Content (UGC) at scale, which can be expensive when relying on in-house photoshoots. Managing various designs and products makes it challenging to maintain a continuous flow of content. Additionally, the process of identifying relevant influencers and collecting their content for repurposing is time-consuming. Finally, achieving top-funnel engagement and views is crucial for later converting customers.

Before using Scope, we relied heavily on Instagram for searching influencers and manually collecting stories and reels, which worked to some extent. But as we grew and wanted to work with a larger number of influencers, it became clear that it wasn't a sustainable approach in the long run. That's where Scope came in and made a big difference.

Creating UGC at scale is challenging and expensive without influencers.

Managing various designs and products makes it difficult to maintain a continuous flow of content.

It takes time for the team to find relevant influencers and collect their content for repurposing.

Achieving top-funnel engagement and views is important for later customer conversion.

Why did you choose Scope?

I would say one of the main reasons we chose Scope is because it's a very user-friendly tool. The interface is clean, visually appealing, and straightforward. Some other tools can be unnecessarily complicated, but Scope is easy to work with. Moreover, since I had a positive prior experience with the tool, it was a natural choice for me to reach out to you again.

Another factor that influenced our decision was the availability of additional features such as Content and Tracking. While our primary focus was on finding influencers, having these functionalities was important to us. With Scope, we never miss it when creators post about us, and their stories, reels, and feed posts are automatically captured and saved. The influencer doesn't have to connect; everything is done automatically by Scope.

Photowall selected Scope for its user-friendly interface, clean design, and ease of use.

The positive prior experience with Scope drove the decision to choose it again for influencer marketing.

The availability of additional features like Content and Track provided valuable support, particularly in monitoring influencer content

Features we love

Similar audience search

Content collection on autopilot

What we love

Easy to use, with seamless onboarding for our team. Anyone can get started in less than 30 minutes.

Exceptional customer service: the team can chat directly with the Scope team without the need for tickets, receiving a direct response. High-level strategy questions are easily resolved over email, but they can always jump on a call. We feel safe and love the service!

Scope is continually evolving with the addition of new features.

What would your life be like without Scope?

Without Scope, our influencer marketing efforts would be less efficient and less effective. We would likely have to spend more time manually researching and vetting potential influencers, and we would have less visibility into the performance of our campaigns. Ultimately, Scope has been a valuable tool for us in growing our brand and we're grateful for the insights and efficiencies it has provided.


Improved team efficiency, enabling the faster discovery of relevant influencers.

Collaboration with 200+ influencers per month.

Expansion to the USA, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and other European countries.

Significant time savings of over 15 hours per week per team member by utilizing Scope.

Enhanced efficiency through Scope's automatic collection and storage of User Generated Content (UGC).

2023 Metrics

Improved ROAS by an impressive 76% within a year.

Boosted annual revenue by a staggering 270%.