How CBD Startup Hanfgeflüster Grew From 10 to 36 Employees in 6 months

Case Study

Challenges before Scope

Hard to find new profiles outside social clique

Manually tracked Instagram stories and posts

Scope made it easier to

Find new profiles outside our personal "bubble"

Go on vacation (as stories and posts were collected automatically)

Let's go back to when you started

What's your favorite feature in Scope?

Before tracking in Scope we were very alert and always had our calendars - you always had to lookout for people tagging you, or you would know when profiles would post. But profiels posted without you having a fixed date. Scope Tracking really helps to keep track of all stories our influencers post. Since we're doing more and more collaborations Scope Tracking helps out a lot so we don't miss out on stories. For example, if you went on vacation and interested in a story somebody posted last week - you can just go back and watch it again.

If you go on vacation and then interested in a story somebody posted last week - you can just go back and watch it in Scope

How has your influencer marketing team grown the last 6 months?

Influencer marketing has grown from 4 two 12 in 6 months

How would you feel if you could no longer use Scope?

It would distrupt my daily business. Now I can put so much more time on other things. Now I can focus more on storytelling, the creative side, communication with influencers.

After starting with Scope I could put so much more time onto other things:


The creative side

Communication with influencers

What changes in influencer pricing have you seen lately?

What type of people do you think would benefit from Scope?

Scope would benefit people that also wants to:

Select influencers with same company values

Want to keep ongoing relationship with influencers

Focus on quality of influencers over quantity

See brand fit as an important parameter

What would life be without Scope?

Without Scope we would hang on our phones on Instagram sourcing all day.

Without Scope we would hang on our phones on Instagram sourcing all day. It would be really hard and time consuming to keep track of all stories. I think it's really important to give influencers feedback on the stories and how the cooperation is going (and you cannot do that if you don't see the stories).

What's the main benefit you get from Scope?

That you find many profiles that you wouldn't have found on Instagram. When I'm sourcing on Scope I'm finding a lot of profiles that I, compared to my personal Instagram and the bubble that I'm in, wouldn't have found without Scope. I can find profiles using the tags, countries, looking at brands they worked with - yes, that's the main benefit. Find really good new profiles.

When do you think it's a good idea to get Scope over using Instagram to find influencers?

It's important to have a tool like Scope if you're focusing on influencer marketing. At the moment we focus a lot on influencer marketing. If influencer marketing is just a minor part of your business, and you don't focus on it + you have few collaborations, then you'll be ok with working manually on Instagram.

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