Product Update


These are the fixes and changes we have worked on past month.

Product fulfillment

Our product fulfillment app is now ready for brands to try.

Support for multiple Klaviyo API keys

We heard that some of you have one Klaviyo account per domain/market, and want to send emails from each account/domain. It's now possible to add multiple API keys in Klaviyo.

Updates to Klaviyo and Mixmax

Both Mixmax and Klaviyo did changes to their APIs, so we updated code to make it work with the changes.

TikTok into Scope tags

We've been working on a major structural change. To make it easy to work with TikTok profiles in Scope. This will make it easy to add both TikTok profiles and Instagram profiles into tags.

Duplicate issues fixed profiles and brands

Sometimes profiles were shown twice. And brands too. We've done some fixes to prevent this going forward. Please let us know if you bump into this issue again.


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