Product Update


Heeeeelloooo, here comes our latest product update.

Ps. Just click on any feature in the list below, and you'll be taken directly to that section.

Productivity: Add multiple profiles to tag via checkbox

In search and tags you can now select a full page of profiles at once, to then add them to a tag.

Productivity: Move profiles between tags easily

'Add to' now supports Add to tag, which lets you easily move profiles from one tag to another. For instance, you can quickly add profiles from an old tag to a new one without needing to merge them. Just use the 'Add to tag' option.

View Content from Tracking section

Reminder from last update: it's now easier to navigate from Tracking section to Content section. If you have collected Content for a profile that is tracked it'll say "View on Content page". This will take you straight to the content, which you can download or view in bigger format.

Demographics: Get notified when demographic jobs complete

You'll now get notified when your demographics complete. You can go to the notify button to see which demographics recently completed. A red notification is shown when you have unseen notifications.

TikTok Sourcing: Improvements to TikTok Lookalike

Sourcing TikTok Creators? We have rebuilt the previous TikTok Lookalike spaghetti code into a more robust experience. We'd love to hear what you think, try here.

Collaborate: Chat team feature now available to all plans

Keep communication about a profile to one place.

This will make it easy to look through previous considerations and thoughts later.

TikTok Analytics: TikTok Creator Analyzer

TikTok Creator Analyzer will help you understand the engagement of TikTok Creators, for example:

  • Question density: questions from followers to understand interest in buying.
  • Gender of commenters: to judge engagement relevancy.
  • Comments per post: more comments means higher engagement.
  • Views per post: views on TikTok to measure reach.
  • Post frequency: posting more often boosts visibility and chance to go viral.

The app is free to use for Scope customers :)

In the making: Product Seeding/Logistics App for Shopify

Another bigger project we're working on is a product seeding app. This app makes it easy to place orders for creators, invite creators to campaigns, and automate email outreach when creators are placing orders and joining campaign.

If this sounds interesting, make sure to connect and DM me on LinkedIn:


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