Product Update


New month, new product update :)

Ps. Just click on any feature in the list below, and you'll be taken directly to that section.

View Content from Tracking section

It's now easier to navigate from Tracking section to Content section. If you have collected Content for a profile that is tracked it'll say "View on Content page". This will take you straight to the content, which you can download or view in bigger format.

TikTok Creator Analyzer

We built a first version of TikTok Creator Analyzer. It will help you analyze TikTok creators.

For now it will analyze:

  • Question density: questions from followers to understand interest in buying.
  • Gender of commenters: to judge engagement relevancy.
  • Comments per post: more comments means higher engagement.
  • Views per post: views on TikTok to measure reach.
  • Post frequency: posting more often boosts visibility and chance to go viral.

TikTok Lookalike Improvements

In this now we're rebuilding TikTok Lookalike from the ground up. Meanwhile we made the current spaghetti version more robust by giving it some love. So if you're looking to source TikTok creators, give it a go. Sign up here.

Productivity: Filters Clickable

Click on any filter and Scope will now pull up that filter so you can edit it easily without having to find it in the filter.

Pipeline page speed up

The pipeline page is much faster now :) This is extra handy for teams of multiple users. One user with more than 20,000 profiles in their pipeline got us to think about optimizing it for users at scale, as it before was slowing down after 10k+ profiles.


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