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Hi hello! Here comes the latest and greatest along with new things in the making.


TikTok Lookalike

Filter search by demographics

Merge tags by renaming via left sidebar

TikTok Lookalike

We've built the most powerful way to source new profiles on TikTok.

TikTok Lookalike finds new profiles based on ONE (1) profile you input.

You'll be presented with a list of creators with similar audience and follower range to the profile you inputted for the Lookalike.

This method is TikTok first, which means that all profiles you find have TikTok for sure, but might not be on Instagram.

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Filter search by demographics

You can now find profiles with certain demographics straight from the filter.

Click Show all filters, then Demographics

Things we could work on

Ideas shared - Affiliate link to track sales from influencers - Make it easy to migrate tags (only) from one user to another user (5) - Autocomplete when typing tag on profile view - get suggested which tag to add based on previous tags added to (2) - Add support to track reels for Content and Track tag Feedback Scope Pipeline - Pipeline: Import and Export profiles (5) - Pipeline: Filter options: Followers, Gender, Platform, Tags, Outreach date (4) - Pipeline: Create custom stages in Pipeline (4) - Pipeline: Make layout more slim, smaller paddings (2) Feedback TikTok Lookalike - Possibility to exclude unwanted gender (can show now if audience overlaps) - Demographics for TikTok - Only show profiles from same country as input profile (can show other countries now if audience overlaps)

What do you think we should work on?


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