Product Update


I chatted with Rebecca (Scope user) the other day and realized a few of the things we've implemented have not been communicated clearly. I'll share some of these useful tips in this product update.


Customize list view

Enter key to add new profiles to a tag


Chat with teammates

Customize list view

Adjust profile size for smaller screen by click the expansion icon.

Use Enter key to add new profiles to a tag quickly

When you've added 10 profiles to the same tag (in a row), you'll be prompted to add new profiles via Enter key.

Quick commands in Scope

⏎ Enter key to add to tag (works after 10 profiles has been added to a tag)

▼ Arrow down to go to next profile

▲ Arrow up to go to previous profile

If you prefer to use arrows navigating Scope, this will be handy. After adding 10 profiles and you see the purple box, try Enter key followed by arrow down.


Snooze reminders to know when to follow up, invite to event, reach out or negotiate again.

Chat with teammates

Keep communication about a profile to one place.

This will make it easy to look through previous considerations and thoughts later.


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