Product Update


In this update I've put together highlights from 2023, focusing on making Scope more adaptable, customizable and easy to use. A good chance to get a recap in case you missed something.

Ps. Just click on any feature in the list below, and you'll be taken directly to that section.

Change card size in list view

Adjust profile size for smaller screen by click the expansion icon.

Click to copy email

We made it easy peasy to grab the email. Click on the email or icon right of email to copy email address.

Click to copy username

Same goes with username, just click the username to copy it.

Use Enter key to add new profiles to a tag quickly

When you've added 10 profiles to the same tag (in a row), you'll be prompted to add new profiles via Enter key.

Quick commands in Scope

Enter key to add to tag (works after 10 profiles has been added to a tag)

Arrow down to go to next profile

Arrow up to go to previous profile

If you prefer to use arrows navigating Scope, this will be handy. After adding 10 profiles and you see the purple box, try Enter key followed by arrow down.

Create custom reports by any tag

It's now possible to create reports by any tag :)

Reports by tags are created on the Tracking page, try here:

Ceate report by tag

Just keep in mind that the profile also needs to have the Track-tag to be considered for the report.

As example, I have one tag named Sebastian (which I want to create a report for). All profiles with tag Track in the Sebastian tag will be tracked for the report.

Reports by tags are created on the Tracking page, try here:

Ceate report by tag


Snooze reminders to know when to follow up, invite to event, reach out or negotiate again.

Chat with teammates

Keep communication about a profile to one place.

This will make it easy to look through previous considerations and thoughts later.

TikTok Lookalike

We've built the most powerful way to source new profiles on TikTok.

TikTok Lookalike finds new profiles based on ONE (1) profile you input.

You'll be presented with a list of creators with similar audience and follower range to the profile you inputted for the Lookalike.

This method is TikTok first, which means that all profiles you find have TikTok for sure, but might not be on Instagram.

Try now, sign up

Improvements to TikTok Lookalike tool

The previous loading animation made it look like results would appear right away. We've now added steps to the loading to understand the progress better.

Not tried it yet? Sign up here

Support for Instagram Reels

Scope Content and Tracking now support Reels.

Autocomplete type tag profile view

Autocomplete when typing tag on profile view, get suggested which tag to add based on previous tags added to

Filter search by demographics

You can now find profiles with certain demographics straight from the filter.

Click Show all filters, then Demographics

Bio search added to filter nav

It has been supported to search for words in bios via freetext (in search bar). However, it only looked for exact matches of words, which made it.. not optimal. We've now changed to look for partial matches. Here are some examples:

A Fully Automated Influencer Master Sheet (Google sheets x Shopify x Scope)

We've been working on a Google sheet - it fetches sales from influencer discount codes automatically.

Hold and drag to rearrange

Speed improvements

We spent some time making tags and every part of Scope faster.

Loading animations

New responsive mobile version of Scope

Use Scope on the go. This version will mostly be used to look up profiles and add them to tags :)

Exclude contacted by date range

We got feedback to exclude contacted profiles by date range to make it easier to follow up with profiles contacted way back. You can now exclude profiles by the date range they were contacted. Hopefully this will make follow ups smooth :)

Rearrange order of profile view sections

We made it possible to customize the profile view. You can now put your favourite sections higher up :)


We continued integrating Scope to your current workflow. Let us know if there is any other integration you want us to fix.


Nerds on ig:) @scopebynerds