Product Update


Say hi to newscope. You will find yourself in a new interface. We've activated the new experience for all users. This interface is more responsive and flexible. Aside from that, we've added features that makes collaboration easier in Scope.


Comment feature, chat with your team



Improved responsiveness

Comment feature

As teams grow communication and collaboration become increasingly important. With our new comment feature, it's easy to communicate with team members about profiles.


With notifications you won't miss any mentions. When someone mentions you, Scope will notify.


Set reminders with a note for specific profiles. On date and time, Scope will notify you via the notification section. Reminders are also sent via email by default on selected date (email can be deactivated via Settings).

Use cases

- Reminder to follow up - Reminder to reactivate profile - Reminder to ask for insights - Reminder to thank for post - Reminder to check if profile received product

Improved responsiveness

We've added support for smaller devices, starting with resolution that's the equivalent of a Mac Book Pro 13'.

Change width of sections however you prefer

Scope will remember your preference and show that until you change your mind.

3 sizes available for list view

Edit sidebar

You can now quickly hide tags and/or tag folders via Edit sidebar.

Example customize for Mac Book 13'


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