Product Update


Hi all! Here's what we've been working on last month


Scope Pipeline (ready to be tested!) - yes, please?!

Audience Demographics improvements

Gmail add-on now supports Scope Pipeline

Collaboration timeline

Scope Pipeline?

Scope Pipeline is built for influencer teams with multiple team members that manage influencers (in which some or many are paid collaborations). It gives an overview of the team pipeline, as well as individual pipelines.

Sounds useful?

Audience Demographics improvements

We have been (and are still) working on improving demographics. We've seen promising results, but would love to try this on more profiles.

Example on profile @rubylyn_

Previous method: UK: 31%

IG Statistics

  1. US: 19.9%
  2. UK: 9.5%
  3. DE: 4.7%
  4. CA: 3.6%
  5. BR: 3.3%

New method 1

  1. US: 13.8%
  2. CH: 9.2%
  3. UK: 6.9%
  4. AU: 3.4%
  5. MX: 3.4%

New method 2

  1. US: 27.27%
  2. UK: 10.61%
  3. AU: 9.09%
  4. CA: 9.09%
  5. DE: 5.3%

Do you have Instagram statistics screenshots?

If you have recent Instagram statistics - it would be super helpful if you can share via chat (attached).

Collaboration timeline

Collaboration timeline helps you understand which brands influencers work with, and which influencers brands work with.

Why would you want to know that?

Thanks for asking, this is the feedback we got from sales focused brands:

Use case 1: See which brands influencers work with

Influencers that do one-offs tend to not deliver results (risky bets). Profiles that work ongoing with brands that are sales focused tend to do well.

Make sure to use this information as complemenatary to other KPIs you evaluate.

Use case 2: Find new influencers via brands

Another use case is to find new influencers by looking at brands that resonate with your audience and objectives.

Not using Scope? Want to try Collaboration timeline? Request demo here.

Scope is built for brands. That means our oxygen is your feedback. Without you, we would die.

To make that sound less dramatic, what would you like us to work on now?

Say hi to Scope London

Say hi to Ellis, Carolin and Emma :) They just joined Scope London.


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