Product Update


Hi all! Here's what we've been working on last month


Speed up demographics

Pipeline available to try for everyone

Pipeline: Weekly 1-1 email

Pipeline: Star feature

Pipeline: Dynamic columns

Tiktok exploration

Speed up demographics

Demographics is now faster.

Pipeline available to try for everyone

We built Pipeline with feedback from brands using Google Sheets. You'll find Add to Pipeline on the profile view and via Add to tag.

You can add to Pipeline via profile view:

Add multiple profiles at once via tag:

Weekly 1-1 email

Pipeline email that summarizes the teams pipeline and sends it to the managers of a company at the end of every week.

Star feature

Dynamic columns


We're exploring ways to build the best Tiktok discovery tool.

Do you source on Tiktok today? Book a meeting with me here. I'm looking to learn about your current manual approach and process of sourcing - and would love to invite you later to test our Tiktok product.

As of now we have identified two needs:

  1. Sourcing - Main pain point, to easier find Tiktok profiles. Default Tiktok, not necessarily on Instagram (Scope features like Lookalike, Following - but for Tiktok).
  2. Statistics - Data/statistics (nr of followers, engagement, demographics) will first be useful once sourcing is solved.

This is a very rough prototype of the 2nd point as we're digging deeper into the first point.


Nerds on ig:) @scopebynerds