Product Update



Custom reports v2

New KPI: Comments/day

Custom reports

Create reports per country.

Countries not showing up as option?

Scope can only evaluate profiles within the Track tag. Make sure to add profiles to tag Track. When Scope has data (tracked), it will be possible to create reports.

Get started

1. You have profiles on Track tag.
2. You have activity tracked on profiles from Track tag.
3. Create report by country.

New KPI: Comments/day

We added comments/day as new KPI.

Comments/post compare comments per post to other profiles with similar amount of followers.

We first we looked at the average. But quickly realized that certain giveaway posts impacted and increased the average. We decided to measure median, which gives the most common number of comments/post based on a series of posts, and thus ignore the outliers (giveaways for example).


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