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Hi! Here's what we've been working on the last month:)


Similar Profiles v2

Support to change time on track and content (30/90 days or forever)

Support to download tracking data in overview

Scope Gmail add-on (work in progress )

Download our Google Chrome extension here

Similar Profiles v2

Change to how Similar Profiles works

It started with a few of you asking "Does similar profiles show profiles with similar audience?". We figured, that would indeed be super cool (and useful).

Similar profiles now finds profiles with similar audience, and has:

Better coverage (shown on more profiles)

Works lovely both on commercial and less commercial profiles

See examples below:




Support to change time on track and content

You can now change time range you'd like to track profiles for Track or Content. Before we only had 90 days (which is still default). This month we also added the option of 30 days or forever.

Support to download tracking data in overview

We implemented support to download tracking data. You will get all activity influencers did with you, and see who posted what.

When you Download, the csv will be structured like this:

Username Nr of followers Stories Posts Engagement (general) Engagement (specific)
username1 129,293 4 1 1.58 3.49
username2 23,201 9 3 3.58 1.49
  • Stories - Number of stories with your mention
  • Posts - Number of posts with your mention
  • Engagement (general) - Shows their usual (regular) engagement
  • Engagement (specific - Shows only engagement on posts with your brand)

Please note: This feature requires you to have Tracking active. It will work for all profiles with tag Track.

Scope Gmail add-on

For a long time we learned about the behaviour of copying the email from Gmail and pasting it to Scope (to look up a profile).

We then had a customer by the office, Sara. She said "It would be SO nice if I could see Scope data directly in Gmail, then I don't have to jump back and forth".

Scope Gmail

For everyone who's using Gmail, you'll soon be able to add our Gmail add-on.

Let me know when this is out!!

The add-on automatically looks up profiles you're having a conversation with in Gmail. Once you click on an email, Scope will find that user, and show you Scope data right away in Gmail (via the sidebar). You'll also be able to do actions such as adding the profile to Track or Content.

In this video David (developer at Scope) goes through the feature.

Short video

Using Gmail? Want to use this? Great - we're curious to hear what data you want available through the add-on.


Full go-through

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It can be anything. New features or improvement of something that already exist.

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