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Hi! Here's what we've been working on the last month:)


Import profiles to Scope

Support OR in search

Show "New" tag on profiles seen only by me

Download our Google Chrome extension here

Import profiles to Scope

You can now import a list of Instagram usernames to Scope yourself.

Go to Settings and click on Import.

Support OR in search

By default we show AND if you add multiple mentions or hashtags to Scope.

That means that we will require that the profile mentioned @brand1 and @brand2 if you add two in search @brand1 @brand2.

New: If you want more results we've added support to add OR inbetween mentions or hashtags.

Show "New" tag on profiles seen only by me

Thanks Lovisa for sharing feedback on making it possible to change New-tag to only apply to one team member (yourself) instead of the whole company (how it was before).

Why was this a problem? At companies with many employees using Scope it's hard to know why someone clicked a profile, and their decision afterwards. For example, if one person at the company clicks a profile (and it's marked by seen), the function becomes useless for another employee, that would like to consider that profile. Before those profiles would be excluded with the New-tags apply to the whole company.

Now, however, it's possible (optional) to only make the New-tag only apply, "listen", to yourself- the profiles you click on- and not the whole company.

What should we work on now? Ideas?

It can be anything. New features or improvement of something that already exist.

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