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Hi hi. Here is our latest product update. Extra in this update is that you can vote up and down for features we should or shouldn't focus on. Scroll to the bottom of the update for this.


Mobile version of Scope v1

Audience demographic improvements (age range)

Filter by Instagram growth

Filter by tags in Content interface

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Mobile version of Scope v1

Add Scope to Home Screen

Below you find how to add Scope to Home Screen.

1. Go to from your phone

2. Log in with your Scope details

Follow the steps below:

Audience demographic improvements (age range)

We improved accuracy of age range in audience demographics. Thanks for shared screenshots. If you still find some profiles innacurate, don't hesitate to share their IG statistics screenshot in the chat (with age range break down).

Filter by follower growth

Why? Some of you wanted to filter by Instagram growth when looking for long-term collaborations and/or sales converters. Profiles with consistent and solid Instagram growth will gain audience over time and might be worth investing extra efforts in.

Also, one thing to keep in mind: the combination of many stories per day and positive growth are often signs of the best performing sales converters (of course you need to consider brand awareness kpis along with this), but as a general rule.

Filter by tags in Content interface

Access the content interface here:

It's now possible to filter by Scope tags in the content product. So if you have a tag called "Denim" and only want content from those profiles just enter the tag name.

Some things we could work on

Click thumb up on features you want us to prioritize.

  1. Filter to only show profiles with audience demographics available
  2. Add discount code field to notes
  3. Daily or weekly email update with profiles that posted last day or week (Tracking)
  4. Reels and IGTV available added to content product
  5. Profile view: show Instagram posts with highest engagement
  6. Filter by gender density (at least 70% female for example)
  7. Replace loading texts with a cute baby bird
  8. Support to save searches

OR something else?

Write here

It can literally be anything. Don't think about whether it's possible or not.

Talk soon,


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