Product Update


Hi hi! Time for a product update

Here's what's new

Speed improvements

Chrome plugin: New way to update data

Support to search for emojis in bio

Paiame launched a podcast

Speed improvements

Every month we add 100,000+ new influencers to Scope. With increased load on the database, we sometimes have to look back and make Scope fast. It's not the most fun thing to do.. but important

We would love to hear if you feel any difference, and hope this made your productivity go up, and frustration down.

Scope x iOS app. Yay or nay?

We'd love to hear what you think. Should we build an iOS app for Scope? Pick one below:

Nah, would not use it

Ps. Plz answer even if you don't like the idea. A yes or no helps us understand the true value.

Chrome plugin: New way to update data

It's super super super duper important that you click this little link.

Add to Chrome

Why? Because every time you visit an Instagram page after installing the plugin, Scope will double check that data is up to date. If not, Scope will update it.

Paiame launched a podcast (Swedish)

Oh, and Paiame launched a podcast. Two episodes out already. He plans to do one episode every Tuesday.

Episode 2 with Ignacio Varas

Episode 1 with Fedja Porobic

What would you like us to work on right now?

Write here

It's important that we stay focused on things that matter to you. We will do our best to implement ideas and feedback as fast as possible.

Did you know we love you? We do. Deeply.

/xx your nerds

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