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Beautiful people, this is what we've been working.


Age Range Audience Demographics

Content product live (now with interface)

Notes v2

Tracking Custom Time Range

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Age Range Audience Demographics

You tell us, we build.

Special thanks to Eveline, Tobias among others for sharing thoughts on adding age range to Audience Demographics. During the last month we built a first version of Age Range.

To start, Age Range will appear on the profile section for new or updated Audience Demographic job. Later, as we have more Age Range data, we can look into making it searchable too.

Content product live (now with interface)

Wihooo! Our Content product now has an interface.

In this video, Viola (@violabergstrom), who's working with fashion brands, is going through it with me.

The previous version (where you got an email with content on daily or weekly basis) will be Content Light. While this product will be called Content.

Open to non-Scope customers too, happy to show with data/tracking on your brand. So, do you have a friend suffering from manually printscreening stuff? Ping them :)

Notes v2

Say hi to Notes v2. The old notes felt clumsy. Now Notes will be more smooth. Also, there are two new fields: Address and Phone nr. You will also see who wrote the note and when.


PS. If you want, I can help you to import information of multiple profiles, Note, Address, Phone nr to your Scope account. For that, just ping me here.

Tracking Custom Time Range

You can now select custom time range when evaluating collaborations. Thank you Elin, Julia among others for this feedback:)

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Last update many of you wrote lots of good ideas. So I thought, why not ask again. What would you like us to work on right now?

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