How to Create and Track Discount Code Sales on Shopify with Scope


In short

Create discount code per influencer

Bulk create discount codes from a csv file

Check Shopify sales per discount code per influencer

Integration with Shopify

Scope works with Shopify. With the integration activated you can create personal discount codes and track sales per influencer.

Get started

Activate Shopify integration with your Shopify store name

  1. Install Scope Macro here
  2. Find your Shopify store name in Shopify (
  3. Go to Integrations in Scope and paste in your Shopify store name
  4. Press Update
  5. Add Shopify Cost Currency
  6. Add Shopify Default Cost in other words average product cost

In your Shopify admin console you should see Scope Macro after installation

Go to Integrations in Scope and add your Shopify Store Name and press Update.

Then add Shopify Cost Currency and Shopify Default Cost.

Create a discount code

There are 3 ways to create discount codes in Scope that will automatically create them in Shopify.

Under Profile Page

Under Settings

Bulk create discount codes

CSV file with these required headers: IG username, Shopify discount code

Manage Discount Codes

Here you can mange your discount codes.

Track Sales

All sales from a specific discount code will be shown under each profile page.


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