The easiest way to send influencer data to Hubspot


In short

Send influencer data from Scope to Hubspot

Send data from one- or multiple profiles in one click

Data sent includes: Email, number of followers and username sent to Hubspot

Integration with Hubspot CRM

Scope now works with Hubspot. With the integration activated you can create Hubspot Contacts in one click.

When you click "Add to Hubspot" data is sent to Hubspot.

Data sent from Scope to Hubspot:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Nr of followers

Set up (updated)

Recently Hubspot migrated from a traditional API key to an app-approach. You'll now create one API key per app. The section is called Private apps.

Please note: The initial steps are completed in Hubspot. Only the last step, to paste the API key, is done in Scope.

Go to Settings

Go to Private apps

Create a private app

Name your app Scope (exact name doesn't matter)

Give the app all permissions

When app is created, access api key through "View access token"

Paste the API key in Scope under Integrations here

Add it to API key field and click Update, that's it!

Final step, go back to your HubSpot login to create properties

  1. Go to Settings → Properties
  2. Create 2 properties called → Instagram Followers and Instagram Username
  3. All done! Now you can go back to Scope, see guide below

Get started

Add one profile to Hubspot

On the profile view, Add to button will appear.

Sweet potato! Can I add a whole list to Hubspot? Yes! And it's easy. See video:

Add tag to Hubspot


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