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These brands use Scope to scale their influencer marketing in-house

Nakd Nakd

Why Brands are Switching to Scope

"I spent just a few hours in Scope between Wednesday and Thursday and found almost 50 people to email. I feel like that was taking at least one week on Influencer DB."

Employee at brand with 30 people full-time using Scope

How Scope Lookalike Works

Give Scope a list of Influencers that have worked for you in the past. Get a coffee and when you come back Scope has a list of similar profiles ready for you to start contacting.

How to Evaluate Influencers in Scope

Analyze KPIs like stories/day, engagement rate, fake followers and audience demographics.

Built for teams to stay structured and scale

  • Use tags and tag folders.
  • Add notes, address and phone number
  • Mark profiles as contacted
  • Built for teams, tags makes it easy to collaborate and scale.

    Email outreach at scale

    Send personal emails to thousands of influencers with one click.

    Track posts and stories

    Track posts and stories to see if they have posted or not.

    Join 100+ brands using Scope

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    Why brands use Scope

    See how brands are using Scope and what Results they are getting.

    Proteinbolaget Reached $10 Million with Influencer Marketing

    How Proteinbolaget scaled their influencer marketing efforts using Scope

    Before we worked with Scope, it was a lot to sit on Instagram and manually contact profiles and at the same time try to keep track of who you have worked with and not. I've tested a lot of different tools before and during the time we have worked in Scope. We want to make sure we work in the best tool, but no other tool beats Scope. It's worked so damn well with Scope. We have been able to work effectively with finding relevant influencers and work in a structured way.


    "It's a lot about daring. When it comes to influencers, we have dared to hire people in influencer marketing. We have dared to scale in the number of collaborations. You must dare to make a choice, otherwise you stand still. Dare to scale up the marketing."

    Why we built Scope

    We couldn't resist. We saw that brands who succeeded with influencers operated in the same way, with the same structure. They had a tendency to start with barter deals (gift products in exchange for exposure). They waited with paid collaborations until they truly knew their audience in and out. This strategy was both lower risk and more profitable. The strategy helped brands to find specific audiences that genuinely loved their products. A clear pattern was that these brands scaled in-house, used Instagram to find influencers, and Google Sheets to stay structured. So, with our first customer NA-KD, we decided to build Scope, and help brands scale globally.

    Who we built Scope for

    So, brands that succeed with influencers work in a similar way. They all had relationships in-house and contacted influencers themselves. We decided to carefully listen to them, and build an infrastructure for brands. Built for teams to grow in-house.

    Join 100+ brands using Scope

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    These brands use Scope to scale their influencer marketing in-house

    Nakd Nakd


    Let's make everything clear.

    When can I try Scope?

    Here at Scope we are focusing on delivering the best possible results for brands working with us. In the demo call we're going to determine if your brand is a good fit and that we are sure, we can deliver results for you. If we are a 100% sure, you can try Scope for 7 days.

    How does audience demographics work?

    Scope analyze an influencer's followers to detect nationality and gender distribution.

    Can I try all features during the trial?

    Yes, all features are included.

    How long is the trial?

    If you're a good fit you can try Scope free for 7 days.

    How can I get in touch with you during trial?

    We have a chat where you can ask any questions.

    Is Scope used as a CRM for influencers?

    Yes, our customers stay structured with tags, notes and tracking features.

    How does lookalike work?

    Lookalike finds similar influencers based on a list of profiles. It's using AI to find profiles that are connected.

    How many influencers can we find in Scope?

    Millions...and hundreds of thousands added every month based on customer activity. We focus more on helping brands finding the right profile rather than having the biggest database.