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Wall of Love

  • Filippa K

We love Scope... we are using it daily to find new influencers, but also as CRM to stay structured.

Partnership Manager, Filippa K Soft Sport

Scope makes my life so much easier in deciding on which influencers to collaborate with. It's easy and fast and it also helps me to find relevant influencers for our brand. When going in to new markets unknown to us I can easily find which ones to contact. I love Scope.

  • Tom Hope

Scope has been essential as influencer CRM when scaling up the volume of our influencer collaborations.

Tom Hope
  • Safira

Simple and efficient. We love Lookalike and Demographics. They have been extremely useful for us, especially now when we know which influencers that work best for our brand. Audience women, with high density of followers from one country.

  • Odd Molly

I don't know what I would have done without Scope.

Odd Molly

I get 100000 messages every day from douches promising crap. Scope really delivers ROI for us, like no other product.


Brands use Scope to scale their influencer marketing in-house

Nakd Nakd

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