How Smartshake got Productive with Influencer Marketing

Paiame Shalalvand

SmartShake and Herobility have scaled up their influencer work in-house in a very short time and got influencers from all over the world to love their products. We got the chance to ask Therese Karlsson (Influencer Marketing Manager) how they have managed to scale up.

What were your challenges with influencer marketing?

Our biggest challenge was to get a structure on the influencers we had and gather them all in one tool. Since I work with influencer marketing myself today, it was important for me to work in a tool that I feel comfortable in.

I sat in about 40 different demos, true! It took time, there was always something that was missing or did not feel 100%.

Why Scope?

Scope feels simple and my work process has become much easier. I do not want a complex system with a lot of steps. It is important that it is visually beautiful as I have to sit in the tool every day.

That I get service and support is worth GOLD. It feels like you can help develop Scope. For example when I gave the suggestion to create folders to structure the work. 3 days later, that feature was in Scope. It has really made my job easier.

"I cannot understand that I previously scrolled Instagram to find new profiles."

What would life be like without Scope?

For example, as now when I am looking for new influencers for a SmartShake campaign. In Scope I have collected 170 influencers in maybe 2 days. It had taken me over 2 weeks before. I cannot understand that I previously scrolled Instagram to find new profiles. It was so incredibly time consuming.

The fact that I can quickly find relevant profiles with the lookalike function has made it easier to discover.

If Scope had disappeared today, I would not know when my influencers published. I needed to remind influencers to upload content to our image bank. While with Scope, I get content automatically to my mailbox. I completely trust Scope in my work. I would not be able to do my job today if I did not have Scope.

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