How Proteinbolaget Reached $10 Million with Influencer Marketing

Paiame Shalalvand

Proteinbolaget was founded by Mårten Åkeson and Adam Gillberg from their student room in 2012. 7 years later, they reach the dream limit of $10 million in sales. "We have dared, dared, dared. You have to dare to make choices otherwise you stand still" says Mårten when he tells how they reached $10 million.

Proteinbolaget growth

2012: $30K

2017: $5M

2019: $10M

Proteinbolaget has made an impressive journey where an important part has been to collaborate with influencers to build a brand but also increase sales. We took the opportunity to ask Mårten (CEO) and Eveline Olsson (Influencer Marketing Manager) how they succeeded with influencer marketing.

What were your challenges with influencer marketing?

Proteinbolaget was looking for a tool to streamline our work with influencers. We were early to collaborate with influencers but the challenge was how to scale the influencer work. How can we work with influencers in a structured way and scale it up further.

Before we worked with Scope, it was a lot to sit on Instagram and manually contact profiles and at the same time try to keep track of who you have worked with and not.

Why Scope?

All our work on influencer marketing starts with Scope where we search for the right profiles for our campaigns. Thanks to Scope, we have streamlined our working method by having all profiles gathered in one place, Eveline, Influencer Marketing Manager, says.

Mårten continues, I've tested a lot of different tools before and during the time we have worked in Scope. We want to make sure we work in the best tool, but no other tool beats Scope. It's worked so damn well with Scope. We have been able to work effectively with finding relevant influencers and work in a structured way.

Lately, the lookalike feature has been fantastic. It has made it easier for us to find new similar influencers faster.

Scope has always listened to its customers. I feel that we got to be involved and had a say in the game for how the tool should be developed. The development is really driven by your customers.

What has been important with influencer marketing?

It has been a great channel for us to come out with our own brand. It is the channel that has built the entire GAAM nutrition. Incredibly good outcome, partly to build brands but also to build direct sales. It has had a nice effect on the whole company.

What would you say was the success factor in you going from $5 million in 2017 to over $10 million in 2019?

It's a lot about daring. When it comes to influencers, we have dared to hire people in influencer marketing. We have dared to scale in the number of collaborations. You must dare to make a choice, otherwise you stand still. Dare to scale up the marketing. The project we did badly, we have dropped even though we like the idea. Dare to kill your darlings.

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